D'Aveia: dermocosmetics for the whole family

D'Aveia is a Portuguese brand that associates Colloidal Oats with Corn Rice in all its products to guarantee total effectiveness on the delicate and sensitive skin of the whole family.

Colloidal Oatmeal is an innovation, making its use cosmetically pleasant and enhancing its beneficial properties and actions for the skin. It is obtained by a cold extraction process, which preserves all the characteristics of this cereal, namely the proteins, which have a pH identical to the physiological pH of the skin, restoring or maintaining it at physiological values.

It is a brand for the whole family, for the care of babies and children, women and pregnant women, adults and the elderly, seeking to respond to all the needs of each type of skin and all the concerns of mothers to take care of the best shape of your baby's skin.

The wide range of products is intended for specific hygiene, hydration and protection of the skin, being used from the first days of life, even on the most delicate, sensitive and atopic skin.

Adequate daily intimate hygiene is essential to prevent the appearance of symptoms of burning, itching, irritation, redness and a burning sensation in the intimate area.

Daily intimate hygiene for children, preventing the appearance of alterations in the intimate area of ​​children, in girls and boys. In case of alterations in the intimate area of ​​children, it promotes the relief of symptoms.

D'Aveia Pediatric intimate hygiene solution - 200 ml

Composed of active substances with important moisturizing, emollient and softening action, relieving redness, burning sensation and pruritus (itching).


D'Aveia lubricating intimate gel - 30 ml

Gel-cream with a texture similar to physiological secretions, it keeps the intimate area hydrated, lubricated, increasing elasticity. Contains hyaluronic acid in its composition, with anti-aging action.

Apply twice a day, through massage, or whenever necessary. In case of vaginal dryness, apply twice a day, morning and evening. Use before or during sexual intercourse.

D'Aveia Pediatric barrier cream - 100 ml

Barrier cream rich in zinc oxide, which protects the skin against irritating and aggressive agents.

Its daily use restores the physiological balance by preserving and restoring the Hydrolipid Film, the cutaneous pH, the Barrier Function and consequently the skin's defenses. The skin is less vulnerable to external aggressions and/or contamination.

D'Aveia emulsion for stretch marks - 200 ml

  • Moisturizing cream and specific body care that mitigates stretch marks that have already formed, and is also indicated in the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks and in situations where there is skin distention (puberty, obesity and pregnancy).

D'Aveia DS shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis - 200 ml

  • Shampoo with sebum-regulating action, which regulates cell renewal in the scalp, normalizing the flaking characteristic of seborrheic dermatitis.

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