Dr.Grandel Cosmetics: In love with perfection

Dr.Grandel, German brand with more than 70 years of existence in the world of dermocosmetics.


Founded by chemist and nutritionist, Dr. Félix Grandel with the aim of enhancing beauty, working with high quality ingredients and based on scientific knowledge allied to the service of beauty.

In addition to responding to the basic needs of different skin types (normal, combination, dry or oily), the brand has products that act on the specification or condition in which the skin is found (sensitive, reactive or in need of regeneration).

Dr.Grandel, the brand that responds to all skin needs, from the essential cleaning line, lines for every type of anti-aging, lifestyle and specific skin problems, also having a line for men and their famous ampoules .

Characterized by the high scientific rigor, for being cruelty-free, for being eco-friendly and for the use of natural active ingredients of high efficiency and quality.

The brand claim is “In Love with perfection” – “In love with perfection”

Your online pharmacy's favorites:

Ferment Peeling – Gentle scrub for all skin types, including the most sensitive - 30g


Without dyes, fragrances or preservatives, it promotes a delicate enzymatic exfoliation, in order to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells with an enzyme obtained from papaya (Papain).

Hyaluron Filler Caps – Hyaluronic Acid Capsules – 28 Capsules

Intensive treatment capsules that smooth the skin and simultaneously provide deep hydration, thanks to the pure hyaluronic acid it contains.

In just a few minutes, the skin regains its fresh and firm appearance and even the most pronounced wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Beauty Gen Renew Pearls – 2 in 1 product, serum-cream - 50ml

Pearls that give maximum youth to the skin!

Pearls that activate the skin's “beauty gene”, protecting collagen fibers and improving elasticity.

But its benefits go further, it neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the skin's cellular protection, speeds up repair mechanisms and smoothes lines and small wrinkles.

Tip: It is also excellent as a make-up base.

3D Performance Line - “A new generation of high-tech skin care” – Anti-Aging Line .

With an anti-aging cream, a concentrate and an eye cream, this line is for women from 35 years old, when the presence of hyaluronic acid in the skin starts to deteriorate.

The maximum concentration of high-tech active ingredients used in Performance 3D provide a truly wonderful alternative to wrinkle filler injections.

Nutri Sensation Repair Mask - Rejuvenating and repairing face mask – 50 ml

A soft, creamy and at the same time refreshing mask. It has in its composition Vitamin E and omega-6 from raspberry seed oil to revitalize, redefine the oval of the face and ensure that the skin remains soft and supple.

It also associates allantoin, a soothing ingredient that helps relieve skin redness and irritation.

Provides softness and hydration, improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Cream Mask Elements of Nature–A creamy mask for naturally beautiful skin – 50ml

What can we expect from this mask? Hydration! Skin that looks smooth and beautiful, for all skin types and conditions.

In addition, it combats premature wrinkles, promotes microcirculation and activates regenerative forces.

The essence of this line combines nature and effectiveness through Epigran, a concentrate of multi-active substances made from wheat germ.

Sugar Scrub – Body Scrub – 200 ml

Sugar is also a very efficient exfoliating ingredient and is very present in Sugar Scrub, as well as jojoba oil.

This is the perfect combination to remove dead cells and breathe life into the skin, enabling it to restructure, revitalize and rejuvenate it from head to toe.

Pro Collagen Concentrate – A collagen serum for all skin types – 30 ml

A shot of firmness and elasticity for the skin!

Stimulates collagen synthesis and improves moisture content, stimulates and improves the regeneration process, protects the skin from aging caused by external aggressions and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, instantly smoothing the skin.

It has vitamin c in its composition, which in addition to being an excellent anti-oxidant has the function of helping to fix collagen.

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