Natural Cosmetics: What is it and what are its advantages

Nowadays, the accelerated pace of life and easy access to all consumer goods mean that mass products are limited to products produced in a globalized industrial logic.

However, we are in a time of conscience, and awareness of the imperative to pay attention to nature. This is because even if we want to see environmental issues as something peripheral, everything we put in our body has an impact.

We eat organic, we recycle, we brush our teeth with bamboo-handled brushes, we go to organic markets on Sunday mornings and we carry our monthly purchases in eco bags. All we really needed was a beauty ritual to accompany this beautiful green life of ours.

Thus, natural cosmetics is a productive approach in which the priority is the use of natural raw materials and that, consequently, the resulting products respect the nature of the skin and the environment. Therefore, we have to make commitments, sensitivity requires a commitment to the environment, ecology and sustainability.


What are your advantages?


  • We are part of nature and everything we put on our skin must also be part of it, we must all be in harmony, so that there is health and well-being.
  • Quality of natural raw materials vs synthetic and harmful products for our skin
  • Conservation of the environment and work on sustainability
  • Decreased exploitation of animals and tests carried out on them
  • Supporting local producers who produce the ingredients
  • clean beauty
  • By investing in slow beauty natural and eco-friendly products over time, you are actually saving money and the environment.

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