Caudalie – Vinotherapy for the best natural face and body care

Today we have in the spotlight the brand of choice worldwide, Caudalie.


At Caudalie, grapes are the main source of inspiration and product creation. Mathilde Thomas, creator of the brand, discovered a priceless treasure in the wineries of the South of France: the power to combat skin aging coming from the extracts of grapes, vines, leaves and seeds. A positive aspect of the brand is that it allows us to enjoy a luxury experience on the skin.

Why Caudalie?


→ Caudalie is a leader in cosmetics that are both effective, natural, rational and sensory.

→ Favoring ingredients of natural, equitable and ecological origin in accordance with its rational "Cosm'ethical" formulation charter and continuous improvement of its formulas to optimize their effectiveness and to make them even more natural.

→ Also known for not testing on animals, all of its products are vegan with the exception of those that contain honey or beeswax such as Crush Cabernet Scrub, Gentle Care Shampoo, French Kiss, Lip Care, and Gentle Exfoliating Cream.

Our favorites from Caudalie:


Caudalie Vine[activ] Moisturizing Care 3 in 1 - 40 ml

Vine Activ 3-in-1 Moisturizing Care ensures ideal correction and protection throughout the day, while having an immediate skin brightening effect. It limits the accumulation of polluting particles, visibly smoothes wrinkles and restores a natural radiance.

Caudalie Beauty Water - Steam Mist 30 ml

Caudalie Beauty Water tightens pores and smooths features. This multipurpose mist sets make-up, tones the skin and reveals the skin's natural radiance.

Caudalie Divine Collection - Divine Dry Body Oil 100 ml

Divine Oil is a dry oil that hydrates, nourishes and sublimates the skin thanks to a unique formula. It envelops the skin with a subtle solar and floral fragrance, punctuated with woody notes. Apply both in summer and winter on the body, face and hair. It can also be used to perfume the bath or as a massage oil for the nails.

Caudalie Premier Cru - Rich Anti-Aging Cream for Dry Skin - 50 ml

This care provides a global anti-aging action for visibly younger skin. Intensely nourished, the skin appears regenerated and re-densified.

Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is firmed and reveals more defined facial contours. The complexion is luminous and even.

Caudalie Vinosource cream SOS Intense Hydration - 50 ml

As smooth as it is natural, this unctuous cream soothes the most sensitive dry skin that regains softness and luminosity. Redness and tightness sensation. Ultrasensory, it acts as a wave of hydration every day, for renewed and plumped skin, or in SOS healing to repair damage caused by external aggressions.

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