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Braun is a company of German origin that has existed for nearly 100 years, a leader in technical innovation, offering quality, innovation and a superior experience. With its variety of products and ranges, it becomes a brand with breadth in the global market.

We present you our selection of Braun products, available in your online pharmacy.

Braun brand thermometers

Braun ThermoScan 7


Braun ThermoScan 7 is the flagship product of Braun thermometers. This ear thermometer features the new patented Age Precision technology - an age-adjustable fever guide that completely takes the guesswork out of interpreting your child's temperature. #1 brand used and recommended by doctors.


Braun high speed thermometer - PRT 1000


Braun PRT 1000 is a digital thermometer with a cover. Developed to provide a quick temperature measurement for the whole family. Precise, easy to use, practical and compact. #1 brand used and recommended by doctors. With reading in 10 seconds.


Braun blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure control is essential to manage and assess the state of your health, that is, to know if there is a problem (such as hypertension) and if the levels are regulated.

This means that it is not enough to measure your blood pressure only in routine exams that occur once a year.

It is necessary to carry out the control more frequently and increase it as we age. For this, we recommend the following tensiometers: Braun ExactFit 3 - arm blood pressure monitor, Braun ActivScan TM9 - arm blood pressure monitor and Braun ExactFit 5 - arm blood pressure monitor.


Braun ExactFit 5 - arm blood pressure monitor


Arm blood pressure gauge, will allow you to monitor your blood pressure conveniently and accurately by yourself. Its professional precision has been clinically tested so you can have complete peace of mind.

It has detection of irregular heartbeat and morning hypertension, in addition to the advanced averaging mode of the last 7 days (morning and evening).

Braun ActivScan TM9 - arm blood pressure monitor


Its custom-designed, pinch-to-open armband provides an easy fit with soft-fill technology, which means you can adjust it easily and comfortably around your arm.



The Braun blood pressure monitor combines professional Braun precision with technologies that make it easy to read and monitor your blood pressure.

The color-coded blood pressure level indicator helps you quickly interpret your results. Additional features include averaging the last three measurements and detecting an irregular heartbeat.

To facilitate monitoring, its software also allows calculating the average systolic, diastolic and pulse value of the last 7 days. Memory for 200 measurements on 2 users.

Healthy Heart app is compatible with iOS and Android. The results are color-coded, and you can consult them wherever and whenever you want on your smartphone.

Here are some tips to prevent cardiovascular disease:

1. Reduce your intake of fatty and salty foods. Eat a varied and healthy diet

2. Watch your weight

3. Don't overindulge in alcohol

4. Avoid smoking (read here how)

5. See a doctor regularly

6. Exercise

7. Avoid excessive stress

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